A Look Back At The History Of WWF/WWE Championship Belts

Hello and welcome to another post on Quantum Wrestling, and today we are going to be talking about the history of WWF/WWE title belts!


As some of you may know WWE have revealed their new Championship belt courtesy of The Rock on RAW after the Elimination Chamber and this got me thinking what was the best looking belt and which one seemed more meaningful so  we are going back into the history books and have a look at all the title belt designs and how they differ from today, so lets get started!

We begin our journey at the year of 1988 and you will be asking why start there when there was many more belt before that year, this is true but I wasn’t born till 1992 and this is the first belt I saw when I watched wrestling for the first time in 1997 so that is the main excuse

WWF “Winged Eagle” Heavyweight Champion (1988 – 1998)


This belt debuted in 1988 where its first holder would be Hulk Hogan and many greats would hold this title belt too including, Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage, Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Sid, Yokozuna, Diesel, Sgt. Slaughter, Bob Backlund, Undertaker and Steve Austin and this title would continue to be used until the night after WrestleMania IV on RAW and would be replaced by the “Big Eagle” but we will be moving on to that in a bit.

I always loved the style of this belt, just looking at it, it looks like a prestigious belt and it has alot of history with it, for 10 years the WWF/WWE used this belt and this is the very first belt I ever saw and this one will always be special to me. Is it the best looking belt, In my opinion it isn’t, when we go further on in the list you will see my favorite design but this belt definitely ranks up there with the best looking ones but I don’t think it looks as good as the next belt in this list.

WWF “Big Eagle/Attitude” Heavyweight Championship (1998 – 2002)


After Stone Cold Steve Austin won the previous belt, Mr McMahon introduced this belt on Monday Night RAW and this kicked off one of the biggest feuds between Mr McMahon vs Stone Cold Steve Austin which started the Attitude Era!

Now you might be wondering if this is my favorite one since the previous one isn’t my favorite and this normally goes on the top of everyone’s list for best looking belts, well this one is better than the eagle belt in my opinion since it is bigger and it looks abit better but not by much but however this isn’t my favorite cause in my opinion the best looking belt is the next one on this list

WWF/WWE “Undisputed” Championship (2002-2005)

WWE_(Undisputed)_Championship_(2002-2005)Just….. WOW, that’s all i have to say, this belt in my opinion is the best looking belt that the WWE has made. Debuted in may 2002, when I first saw this belt, it looked like a true championship belt, not that the overs don’t because they do but this looks more of a serious belt and i think it looks more prestigious aswell and that brings me on unfortunately to the next championship belt.

WWE “Spinner” Championship (2005-2013


When this belt was revealed by John Cena on smackdown and when I first looked at it and I was kinda impressed by it but as the years gone on and as I got older i got fed up with it real fast and was just hoping it would only be around when Cena was champion since it only really suits his character, and I was disappointed when Cena dropped the belt to edge they only changed the logo in the middle rather than the entire belt only to put back again was Cena regained the title. This type of belt belongs to a rapper or something that has been custom made for him rather for a WWE Superstar and I tried very hard to like this belt really I did but I just couldn’t by into it and pretty much a year later fans wanted it to change badly and it really did over stay its welcome for about 8 years until Monday Night RAW fans saw what looked like to be a belt under a cover while The Rock was doing his promo about his victory over CM Punk at Elimination Chamber and I was excited, I was hoping for the eagle belt again, but unfortunately I was wrong and so was many fans, hoping for an iconic belt which would look more prestigious fan this “Kids Toy” and we ended up with this belt…..

WWE Championship (2013)


Well I don’t know what to say about this belt but at least it’s better than the last championship belt and it actually could have been alot more worse *Cough* Jeff Hardy TNA Belt *Cough* but it wasn’t the belt we were all hoping for but this belt might grow on me and might come to like it but like I said before it could have been alot worse.

Well thats it from me and I hope you enjoyed my first post back on Quantum Wrestling!

This is the Phenomic Enigma and I hope to see you next time right here, on Quantum Wrestling!!

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